Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )
Is chillies export house manufacturing natural capsaicin 95% powder?
  Yes, we manufacture natural capsaicin extracted from capsicum frutescence.
Is chillies export house manufacturing synthetic capsaicin?
  No, we do not manufacture synthetic capsaicin.
What is the minimum order quantity for natural capsaicin 95% powder?

The minimum order quantity is 100 grams.

Is the 95% natural capsaicin powder soluble in water?
  No, It is not soluble in water. Natural capsaicin is soluble in ether, alcohol and benzene.
What is the difference between natural capsaicin and synthetic capsaicin?

Natural capsaicin is extracted directly from capsicum frutescence while synthetic capsaicin is synthesized in the laboratory from Vanillylamine Hydrochloride, Nananoic Anhydride and enzyme mucor miehei lipase. Natural and synthetic capsaicin can be differentiated using infra red mapping process.

Are Oleoresin Paprika and Oleoresin Capsicum soluble in water?

No, food grade emulsifiers are added to make them soluble in water.

How to control the burning sensation that occurs after consuming hot chilli peppers?
  The best way to ease the burning sensation is to drink milk, eat yoghurt or any other dairy product. A substance known as Casein found in dairy products helps to disrupt the reaction.
Why does natural color degrade quickly? How do I avoid it?

The highly unsaturated conjugated chain of carotenoids is very sensitive to air, oxidizing and reducing agents and structural alterations. Ascorbic acid, alkaline, low temperature and darkness are deterrents to degradation of carotenoids. Hydroxylamine was found to inhibit the light reaction.

For any other questions or clarifications please send us a message through the enquiry form found in the contact us page.
When a ship anchors, algae, mussels and other marine creatures get stuck to the bottom of the ship. This increases the resistance when the ship sets sail. To prevent this, the bottom of the ship is coated with capsaicinoids. These capsaicinoids do not pollute the sea.
Capsaicinoids are applied to wood in order to prevent termite from eating them.
Capsaicinoids are produced by chilli peppers as a deterrent against herbivores and fungi.
Drinking water to soothe burning sensation after eating chilli only makes things worse. Drink milk instead.
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