Natural Capsaicin 95% Powder

Capsaicin is a phytochemical present in red chilli peppers. Pure capsaicin is a hydrophobic, colorless, odorless and crystalline to waxy compound. Capsaicin is the major capsaicinoid present in red chilli pepper. The other capsaicinoids   include:


These capsaicinoids are the compounds that give red chilli pepper its characteristic pungency or heat. The capsaicinoid concentration varies with the variety of red chilli pepper. In lay man terms, the hotter the chilli the higher the capsaicinoid concentration in the chilli.

Natural Capsaicin 95% powder essentially contains 95% capsaicinoids and the concentration of capsaicin in this is more than 55% followed dihydrocapsaicin and nordihydrocapsaicin.

Natural capsaicin 95% powder is not soluble in water but it is very soluble in solvents like ethanol and vegetable oils.

Natural capsaicin powder is used as a pharmaceutical ingredient mainly in topical ointments or creams which provide temporary relief of minor aches, strains, sprains and pains of muscles and joints. The treatments mostly involve physical application of ointment or cream in the area of discomfort. There are also capsaicin patches available in the market, which serve a similar purpose. Apart from this Capsaicin is used in the treatment of a number of other ailments.

Capsaicin is also used in a number of household and garden pest repellant products. It is also the key ingredient in pepper sprays which is an effective riot control and self defense chemical spray agents.

The easiest home remedy for cooling the burning sensation caused by exposure to capsaicin on skin is yoghurt, cold milk or other dairy products.
Technical Specifications **
Parameters Specifications
Appearance : Off White Powder
Odor : Very high pungent and easily Penetrating odor
Loss on drying Not more than 1.0%
Residue on ignition Not more than 1.0%
Melting Point 62-65oC
CAPSAICIN 55 - 65%
Heavy metals <10ppm
Lead < 2ppm
Residual solvents USP-467
1,2-Dichloro Ethane (class I & class II) Not more than 5ppm
Methanol (class II) Not more than 3000ppm
Microbiological test
Total plate count < 1000cfu/gm
Yeast & Mold < 100cfu/gm
Salmonella Absent /gm
Escherichia Coli Absent /gm
Download:  Natural Capsaicin 95% powder product specification Data sheet : Click Here
Download: Material safety data sheet : Click Here
**The specifications mentioned are for our standard product. this may vary depending upon the quality requested by customer.
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