Paprika Oleoresin is a deep red colored, semi viscous liquid extracted from dried red pepper or paprika. it draws its deep red color from various Carotenoids present in Red Pepper.

Carotenoids present in Red Pepper

Trans Capsanthin
Capsanthin 5, 6 - Epoxide
Beta Cryptoxanthin
Beta Carotene
Other Carotenoids (Lutein, Neoxanthin etc.)

Paprika Oleoresin is a natural extract without any antioxident.it is highly sensitive to light, heat and air.

It is used primarily as a natural food coloring agent. oil and water soluble variations of Paprika Oleoresin in different concentrations are used to colour food products such as Cheese, Sauces, Meat products, Juices, Spice blends and Sweets. It is also used as an ingredient in poultry feed to enrich the color of the Egg yolk.

Product Specifications **
Appearance Red colored, Semi viscous liquid
Odour Characteristic fruity smell of Paprika
Oil Soluble Oleoresin 20,000 CU TO 140,000 CU (ASTA - MSD.10)
Water Soluble Oleoresin 10,000 CU TO 60,000 CU
ABS Ratio 0.960 - 0.985
Pungency Less Than 2000 shu (ASTA Method No.21.3)
Residual Solvent Level Less Than 20.0 ppm (EOA Method No.1-1 d.3.1)
Solubility Water / Oils & Fats
Product should be stored in air tight containers away from direct light and heat. stir well before use.
Download: Paprika Oleoresin product specification data sheet : Click Here


Capsicum Oleoresin is a brownish yellow colored light-semi viscoue liquid or solidified form extracted from Dried Red Pepper. Capsicum Oleoresin is essentially a concentration of capsaicinoids which give red pepper its charecteristic pungency.

Capsaicinoids Present In Red Pepper


Capsicum Oleoresin is a natural extract and has a tendency to solidify on long periods of storage and in cool climates. To avoid this warm the container to about 45 to 50 degrees centigrade using a waterbath.

Capsicum Oleoresin is used to add pungency to manufactured and packaged food products such as Chips, Sauces, spreads and other snacks. Oleoresin Capsicum is also used extensively by OC spray manufacturers. Oleoresin Capsicum sprays are being used as a self defence tool and also by law enforcement agencies.
Product Specifications ( < Than 40% )**
Appearance Brownish Yellow  colored, light - semi viscous liquid
Odour characteristic pungent  smell of ground capsicum
Oil Soluble Oleoresin 1% To 40% (Asta Method No.21.3)
Water Soluble Oleoresin 1% TO 20%
Color Value Less Than 4000 CU (ASTA Msd 1.0)
Residual Solvent Level Less Than 20.0 PPM (EOA Method No.1-1 D.3.1)
Solubility Water / Oils & Fats
Product Specifications ( > Than 60% )**
Appearance Brownish Yellow  Colored, Solidified Form Product
Odour Characteristic Pungent  Smell Of Ground Capsicum
Total Capsaicinoids 60% To 75% (ASTA Method No.21.3)
Color Value 3000 CU (ASTA Msd 1.0)
Residual Solvent Level Less Than 50.0 PPM (EOA Method No.1-1 D.3.1)

Oleoresin capsicum is highly irritant on contact with skin. Do not handle with bare hands.
Download: Capsicum Oleoresins >60% Product Specification Sheet : Click Here
Download: Capsicum Oleoresins <60% Product Specification Sheet : Click Here
Download: Capsicum Oleoresin Material Safety Data Sheet : Click Here

**The specifications mentioned are for our standard product. this may vary depending upon the quality requested by customer.
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